Revenue based financing

For companies that want to borrow up to 50 thousand euros, no pledge of the property needed!

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Revenue based financing

Why is it worth choosing revenue based financing?

For companies that want to borrow up to 50 thousand euros, no pledge of the property needed!


To receive financing, it is enough to submit company financial statements for the last 24 months or for the period of time the company has been operating.


We will provide the initial offer within 1 hour from receiving the application, and we will transfer the funds within 24 hours.


We use an advanced artificial intelligence system, with the help of which the available loan amount grows together with the client. If the company successfully repays the previously issued credit, and its turnover has increased, it can receive a larger amount for further growth.


It is possible to choose which part of the monthly turnover to direct for credit coverage. The amount of financing depends on the company's turnover, the loan repayment term can be from 2 to 5 months, and in some cases even longer.


After returning the credit, you can immediately apply for another loan.

Who can benefit from revenue based financing?

Revenue based financing is for small businesses with steady and/or growing income.
This product allows you to quickly and easily receive an injection of working capital, which will help you pay your suppliers on time and grow your income.
Funds can be used to supplement the company's warehouse, purchase advertising or hire additional employees.
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Revenue based financing illustration
After successfully repaying the loan, you can immediately apply for another, larger loan if your turnover is growing.
In order to receive financing, it is sufficient to provide the financier with the company’s statements of accounts and, using algorithms, the decision is made almost immediately.
If your business is seasonal, we will take it into account and help you to prepare for the season in advance, and adjust the loan schedule to your regular cash flows.

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